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Top Ten Celebrity Haircuts for Man

Looking for an edgy look? Maybe something fun but formal? Or a low maintenance cut? From football players to musicians, we will cover the top ten celebrity haircuts for men to imitate. It doesn’t matter what hair texture you have, there is always a celebrity to get some inspiration from.
1. David Beckham
Shouldn’t surprise you Beckham appears first on our list. Even if you are not a fan of him, you have to admit he has a pretty slick style. Even his kids are fashionable! One of the haircuts we like on Beckham is when he has his hair styled to the back. It is textured hair, longer at the top and shorter at the back. The groomed sides, styled to be really close to the skin, make a nice contrast with the volume at the top of the head. If you happen to have wavy hair, you can pull off this look effortlessly. It doesn’t require weekly maintenance since your hair can grow a little and it won’t change the shape of your haircut. Just keep the sides trimmed and the back short.
2. Justin Timberlake
If you remember the Justin Timberlake from the 90’s… you will remember that crazy, bleached and yellowish hair he used to have back on his NSYNC days. Now, he is sporting one of the nicest haircuts for men that there is. He has shaped his curly hair so it will be straighter, and combed it to the side using Refined Superior Matte Clay to hold it in place. The sides of his head are slightly faded and the back is shorter than the front. The faded effect requires weekly maintenance if you want to keep it looking the same. If not, you can let it grow a little before your next visit to the stylist.
Refined Superior Matte Clay
3. Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo is probably one of the most recognized icons in football, and his hairstyles are ones of the most requested ones when visiting the barbershop from men who are daring enough to go for a trendy style. He sports an undercut with a hard part and the rest of the hair styled to one side. Hard parts are very popular nowadays: they can make a formal and serious haircut looks way edgier and an already edgy haircut even edgier. Now, if you are a low maintenance guy then this might not be the cut you want to go for. Unless you are willing to visit the hairstylist for a much-needed retouch every week, then choose for something more natural like…
4. Zac Efron
This is a style for all the men who are against the undercuts, the hard parts, the faded sides and want to be able to rock the mane they were giving with a minimal effort. If you have a head full of hair and want to give it a more stylish look, you can do it just by using some hair product to create quiffs at the top of your hair, which is a little longer than at the back. Lot of hair also give you a lot of options, since you can use product to create a quiff, a subtle mohawk at the top without having to shave anything, a messier style and more. But, with a lot of hair, a lot of responsibility comes as well. Long hair requires care and, even if you won't need to visit the barbershop too frequently with this cut, you will need to take care of your hair so it will hold in place through the day. Just carry around some of our Refined Heavy Hold Pomade with you in case the air or the destiny try to make your messy natural look a not very stylish mess.
5. Adam Levine
Most women love Adam Levine, we personally love his hair. It’s the type of look that can suit you either if you are wearing a black leather jacket and some ripped jeans or your working attire. To achieve it, just let your hair grow and then ask the stylist to give you an undercut, not too close to the skin. The hair length of the undercut must be the same to ensure a nice and polish result. Then, comb it to the side subtly for a formal, yet fresh, look. Because of the length of the front, you could play a little with your hair and have a quiff or style it to the back. You would need to visit the barbershop weekly to get the undercut under control.
6. Zayn Malik
If you have coarse hair that is naturally messy, you might want to try this look. It consists of a taper fade… wait, what’s that? Is it even different from a fade? Yep, yep it is. A fade is shorter and it reaches a point where the hair basically blends with the skin. A taper fade is longer and varies the hair lengths making them go shorter but without blending the hair with the skin. The interesting thing about this haircut is the shape of it. It is longer at the front but keeps progressively getting shorter and shorter when it starts to reach the back of the head and the sides. The cherry on the top of this look is to apply Refined Anti-Gravity Hair Spray on your hair and make it spiky. Even though it seems effortless, it requires a lot of maintenance. It’s important to cut it weekly to maintain the shape. If you let it grow too much, it will grow in any direction and will not look as slick as before.
7. Bruno Mars
One of the greatest singers of nowadays. Mars does not only have a spectacular voice, but he also has one of the classiest looks you can find. It’s trendy old fashioned and works great for a date with your girl, a wild party night or just a trip to the market. Sure, it also works if you just want to go out for some beers. This look can’t fail you when what you want is to look classy yet fresh. You don’t need to visit the hairstylist often, just for some trimming, but you will need to develop some blow dryer abilities and master the divine art of drying and combing at the same time. You will also require lots of product to make sure your hair stays in place no matter what. Fortunately, lots of great product is exactly what we have! Here you can check our products list and find the one that will help you tame that mane.
8. George Clooney
Clooney is included on every list. He is on the sexiest man in the world list, the list of the wealthiest people in the world; he is even at the worst movies of all times list. Of course, he is going to be on our list too. How wouldn’t he with that hair? If you are one of the few fortunate ones who hasn’t lose hair over the decades, then do not even think on shaving it but style it the way Clooney does. The top of the hair is longer than the back, which he combs to a side. The hair is gradient and becomes shorter on the sides, which are trimmed. To complete this look, he sports long and full medium beard. If you fancy one, just be patient and shave the right parts to keep it groomed.
9. Odell Beckham Jr.
If you have curly hair and want to show off your locks, then this American football player hairstyle is the one for you. For this daring, stylish and edgy look, you have to unleash your hair and let it grow. The sides have an undercut, which shapes an awesome mohawk on the middle of the head. Let your curly hair be puffy and add a splash of color by bleaching it and, if you want, dying it into a platinum blond. If you want to push your look a little further, just like Odell Beckham does, keep your natural color on the rest of your hair so the blond and curly mohawk really stands out. Complete this look with a full medium beard.
10. Johnny Depp
Now, what list of great hairstyles for men would be complete without Johnny Depp in it? If you google the phrase “actors with great hair”, Depp pops out immediately. His hairstyles have been great through the decades and he has sported a variety of looks that go from super short to super long. One particular style that caught our attention is the one he used in the movie Public Enemies. It looks classy but will also give you a bad-boy thing. If you want to make this look your own, your stylist must cut your sides in a low taper fade and your sideburns have to be shaved so the hair is very close to the skin. The front of your hair has to be long and it has to be styled in a long quiff. Leave a lock of hair be stubborn and let it fall over your forehead, apply product to the rest of your hair to keep it in place.
There you go, here is our Top Ten Celebrity Haircuts for Man to Imitate. Whether you want to keep your hair long or push your look to the edge, there is always a celebrity that can inspire your next hairstyle. Don’t forget that spectacular hair don’t hold for long without some little or big help. If you want to know what great products we have for you, check out our page and serve yourself.

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