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What's so special about REFINED hair products?

REFINED hair products offer effective and efficient way of handling your precious hair. Formulated in USA, REFINED hair products not only provide durable and lasting hold, they are also gentle on the scalp and easily washable. 

How much are the shipping fees?
Are you from Singapore? If the answer is yes, then you are having ZERO worries on that! We're providing FREE REGISTERED mail to all purchase of any REFINED pomade and matte clay! 

Why are you giving free shipping?
Why? Why not! This is because we are a team who believes in more than just a product experience but the entire journey and purchasing experience! To provide a secure, hassle free and trackable registered postage is definitely the way to go!

Do you provide bulk purchase/order?
Of course we do! We're always happy to spread the love in any best possible forms. Do contact us via this page!