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Refined Supply Scalp Applicator - Scalp Massaging and Serum/Oil Vessel


Introducing our innovative Scalp Applicator and Serum Vessel—a revolutionary solution for targeted hair and scalp care. This dual-function tool not only serves as a precision applicator for your favorite oil serum but also doubles as a revitalizing massaging tool.

Key Features:

Precision Application: Designed with a specialized nozzle, this applicator ensures an even and consistent distribution of your chosen serum across the scalp. Experience targeted nourishment exactly where your hair needs it most.

Serum Vessel: The applicator conveniently doubles as a vessel for your preferred oil serum. Fill it with your favorite formula for a mess-free and controlled application.

Revitalizing Massage: The applicator's ergonomic design incorporates massaging nodes that enhance circulation and promote a healthy scalp. Enjoy the rejuvenating benefits of scalp massage, known to encourage hair growth and overall hair health.

Easy to Use: Simple, intuitive, and easy to clean, this applicator is a user-friendly addition to your haircare routine.

Professional Scalp Care: Elevate your home haircare to professional standards with a tool that combines precision, convenience, and the therapeutic benefits of scalp massage.

Whether you're targeting specific areas or providing an all-over treatment, our Scalp Applicator and Serum Vessel is your go-to for a holistic and effective haircare experience.